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Vyta Services

Vyta offers a range of services to address all your loved one’s home maintenance and aging-in-place needs. Your dedicated Vyta Team will work closely with you to determine the right mix of services for your  loved ones. You can choose from the individual services listed below, or select our tailored packages that will save you time and money.

We take care of everything, so you don’t have to!

In-home care & support services

Whether it’s a little assistance with daily tasks or round-the-clock care, our dedicated team of nurses and caregivers are here to help you or your loved ones live your best life while remaining at home.

Companionship Support Icon


Nurture warmth and companionship with emotional support, guided outings, and caregiver relief.
Personal Support Icon

Personal Support

Enhance your independence with personalized daily care, from meal prep to grooming assistance.
Home Support Icon

Home Support

Keep your home pristine with our dedicated housekeeping, laundry, and waste management services.
In-home Nursing Support Icon

In-home Nursing

Access professional health care in your home for pain management, chronic conditions, and post-operative care.
Specialized Care for Dementia Icon

Specialized Care

Receive compassionate, specialized care for diabetes and dementia, focusing on comfort and quality of life.
End of Life Care Icon

End of Life Care

Experience dignified care that focuses on symptom relief and quality of life in life’s final stages.

Seasonal Services

We help take care of your home – from lawn care to snow removal, we do it all.

Spring cleaning icon

Spring yard cleanup

Rake out gardens, under hedges/trees, bag all leaves/debris, blowing out dirt and sand.
Lawn care icon

Lawn maintenance

Mowing, edge trimming, removal of clippings, fertilisation as required.
Window washing icon

Window washing

Washing of internal and external windows.
Eavestrough cleaning icon

Eavestrough cleaning

Removal of leaves, debris in eaves troughs cleaning of gutters.
Fall care icon

Fall yard cleanup

Rake out gardens, under hedges/trees, bag all leaves/debris, blowing out dirt and sand.
Snow removal icon

Snow removal & winter maintenance

Removal of snow from walkways, driveway, sidewalks and de-icing.
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Transportation & Delivery Solutions

Convenient support for transportation and mobility, medical supplies, and medication delivery.

Travel Companions

Travel Companions

More than transportation, we offer a helping hand and companionship for the ride—be it a medical appointment, social event, or outing with loved ones. We've got it covered.
Medical supplies icon

Medical Supplies

Help with ordering any required supplies on your behalf, delivered to your door.

Medication Delivery

We organize ongoing delivery of your blister-packed prescription medication right to your front door.
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Home Maintenance Services

We help keep your home safe, clean, and functional – from deep cleaning to home repair, we’ve got you covered.

Home repair icon

Home repair and modifications

Plumbing, small home repairs, modifications to home based on individual needs, recommended by our team.
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Professional Home Cleaning

Thorough and affordable house cleaning services. Includes ongoing cleaning, deep house cleaning, and more.

To learn more, call us at 1-888-898-2728, or click the button below to schedule a virtual consultation with a Vyta Team member.

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