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What services are provided by Vyta?

Vyta provides access to a range of services to make aging in place convenient for your loved ones. These services are delivered through our trusted third-party service partners and include seasonal services, home maintenance, and in-home personal support services. Please visit our services page to see the most up-to-date list of services available.

We also offer convenient home and well-being packages to choose from. Speak to a Vyta Team to learn more. 

Do I have to select a package to sign up for Vyta services?

Our packages are preferred as they provide great savings. However, if you don’t see a package you like, you can select individual services to meet your specific needs. Contact a Vyta Team to discuss the right option for you! 

How often can I expect to receive each service?

Each service has a selection of frequencies to choose from. For example, lawn maintenance can be selected as weekly or bi-weekly. The Vyta Team will work with you to develop the specifics of your service plan to match your needs.

How does it work if I sign up for seasonal services in an off season (i.e., Signing up for snow removal in July)?

With our packages, the cost of your services across the entire year are built into your monthly cost. This provides you with a consistent price per month so there are no surprises when the seasons change.

Who will be performing my services?

All services are delivered by our trusted third-party service partners who are leaders in their space and excel at supporting seniors in their homes. Click here to learn more about how we select our Partners.

How can I access my schedule?

Your service schedule is available at your fingertips with our Vyta web app! Our Vyta team is also available to answer any questions you have via phone at 1-888-898-2728 or via email at

What are the available payment options for my services?

We accept payments through credit cards or pre-authorized debit. For your convenience, you have the option to set up automatic payments, which will save you the hassle of making invoice payments every month.

All transactions are processed securely through our online payment partner, Stripe. Ensuring safe and secure billing is of the utmost importance, which is why we are proud to partner with Stripe. For more information about our agreement with the platform, you can review the Stripe Service Agreement by following this link:

Do you offer subsidized pricing for seniors?

All our prices are developed with your loved ones in mind and our pricing model takes their needs into consideration. We recommend exploring our packages, as they provide cost savings.

How often can I expect to be billed by Vyta?

Services are billed after they have been performed, on a monthly basis.

What regions is Vyta currently offered in?

We are currently operating in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) between Hamilton in the West to Durham in the East. Keep an eye on our website as we look to expand into more of Canada!

What is the relationship between Vyta and Bayshore Healthcare?

Bayshore is proud to introduce Vyta to Canadians – an innovative solution designed to alleviate the stress on family caregivers by making caregiving more manageable and supporting your loved one’s age in place for as long as possible.

Bayshore will continue to partner with Vyta as a key service provider for home and health care services.