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Get your senior loved one’s home winter-ready

Nov 27, 2023
A person clearing snow with a shovel.

As the seasons change, maintaining our outdoor spaces becomes increasingly challenging, especially for seniors. Tasks like fall yard clean-ups, and snow removal can be physically demanding. This challenge is heightened for adult children who, while wanting to assist their aging parents, are often balancing their own responsibilities and may not be able to consistently provide the necessary support. .

Enter Vyta— a solution designed to simplify access to all aging in place needs including outdoor property maintenance and support.

The concept of “aging in place,” as described by the National Institute on Aging, centers on the preference of many older adults to stay in their own homes as they grow older. This choice allows them to maintain their independence and lean on family and friends for support when needed. However, aging in place also brings up concerns about safety, mobility, and managing everyday tasks. For families supporting their senior loved ones to live independently at home, careful planning and preparation are essential.

In addressing these challenges, Vyta play a crucial role by offering an innovative, all-in-one aging-in-place solution that provides a single point of access to all the services seniors need to continue living at home with safety and independence.

Vyta makes outdoor property maintenance, manageable and less physically taxing for seniors and their families. Just as you prepare your car for winter, integrating Vyta into your plan is crucial for maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment for your senior loved ones as they choose to age at home

So, how does Vyta help?

  • Tailored Property Maintenance: Vyta offers a variety of yard maintenance services, catering specifically to the unique needs of aging homeowners—from snow removal to de-icing.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Set up regular maintenance schedules, ensuring the outdoor space remains well-kept without oversight or assistance.
  • Safety and Convenience: Vyta manages everything for you, eliminating any caregiving strain on you and your senior loved ones.
  • Independence: Seniors can manage their outdoor spaces independently, ensuring a well-kept yard while maintaining a level of autonomy.

But that’s not all – For a limited time only, Vyta is offering special packages to support both indoor and outdoor holiday needs:

Vyta’s Interior Package includes:

  • Assistance with decorating and setting up indoor spaces for this holiday seasons.
  • Wardrobe organization for winters, ensuring easy access to appropriate clothing.
  • Other indoor organizational help specifically tailored for winter holidays.

Vyta’s Exterior Package includes:

  • Setting up outdoor lights (provided by clients) to illuminate the exterior space.
  • Assisting with exterior décor such as Christmas figurines, door wreaths, swags, and other lawn decorations provided by clients.
  • Covering or storing outside patio furniture and equipment like BBQs and lawnmowers to protect them from harsh weather conditions.
  • Preparing for the winter season by retrieving client’s snow removal equipment like snow shovels, roof rakes, ice melter bags, etc., from storage locations.

Aging in place is a shared goal among seniors, and adjusting to ensure a safe, comfortable, and independent living environment is essential. With Vyta, the burden of outdoor property maintenance diminishes. Offering tailored services, regular scheduling, safety measures, and convenience, Vyta empowers families the relief and seniors to age in place with dignity and confidence.

Vyta connects you with a range of support services that make aging in place simple and trouble-free –  from seasonal and home maintenance services such as snow removal and home modifications to personal support services including personal care services, house cleaning, meal prep and more – we have you covered. To begin discovering how Vyta can assist you and your loved ones on your journey towards aging in place, start here.